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Carpet Cleaning In Dubai

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Carpet Cleaning Services In Dubai
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Carpet Cleaning Services In Dubai

From a hygienic point of view as well as for the display, your carpets should always be cleaned and tidy. Good maintenance of carpets not only makes them look new but also increases their longevity. On average, carpet in a home should be deep cleaned once or twice a year depending on the amount of foot traffic in the home. Homeowners should make sure to consider professional carpet cleaning services in Dubai like DAM carpet wash to keep their carpets clean as new. We carry out all the stages of rug cleaning with utmost precision and skill.
Dar Al Mumtaz carpet cleaning is an established carpet wash company in Dubai. Being a professional carpet cleaning company in Dubai, we are known for our deep and proper carpet washing services and we endeavor to deliver a quality service to our customers that exceeds all their expectations. We handle our each and every project very fervidly. It is our remarkable service level that makes us stand apart from our carpet laundry competitors in Dubai.

Types Of Carpet We Wash

Comprehensive Carpet Wash And Cleaning Service In Dubai

Persian Carpet Cleaning In Dubai

Persian carpets are generally made up of wool, silk, cotton, nylon, or synthetic materials. Too much moisture can stretch or contract natural fibers, resulting in permanently damaging your rug. Hence it becomes compulsory to choose the best professional rug cleaners. While the nature of the carpet wants a professional cleaning every year, our deep and thorough cleaning of dirt will keep your rug in intact condition for a longer duration of time.

Iranian Carpet Cleaning In Dubai

Iranian carpets require extra care while washing, and normal cleaning won’t clean the thick wool carpets. Fire or spilling of food or certain drinks can cause damage to your rug. It becomes really important for you to take care of such stains and spills before they get absorbed in. Our professionals use different carpet cleaning techniques that involve the extraction of debris effectively from deep within the fibers and thus, making your carpet solely clean.

Handmade Carpet Cleaning In Dubai

For your handmade carpet, extra maintenance and regular cleaning is required in order to make it spotless and germ-free. As a professional we understand how necessary it is to tackle all spills right away. Our professional carpet cleaning formulae are a great help to handle all types of stains while maintaining the safekeeping of your rugs at the same time. We not only clean those tough marks but also care about your carpet.

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Instant action to your queries


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Innovative technology with astounding results

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A company with fine years of experience

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Eco-friendly cleaning products

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Automatic carpet cleaning

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Amiable and skilled workers

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What Our Happy Clients Say About Us h2>


What Our Happy Clients Say About Us


Still Confused ? Ask Us Anything

Will your cleaning remove the carpet’s odors and bacteria ?

There are numerous reasons a carpet would start to smell. It could be from pets, dirt, or just going for many years without deeply and entirely cleaning. Our professional carpet cleaning equipment reaches beneath into the carpet killing the bacteria and removing the odors as well.

How much time will the carpets take to get dried after cleaning?

It really depends on the type of Carpet. By using the low moisture system, the big and open areas of carpet could easily be dried up within 30 minutes but smaller areas would take a longer time. Steam cleaning will take up to 24 hours to dry fully.

Are your products and solutions safe for children and pets?

Our professional carpet cleaners uses the latest and most effective cleaning products with great caution. The products we use in homes are safe for both children and pets. But it is always a great step to keep them away from the machinery during the cleaning process.

What kind of equipments do you people use in automatic cleaning ?

For automatic cleaning we prefer our automatic carpet cleaning machine that works somewhat the same as a standard vacuum cleaners, which uses the same principle of removing dirt from carpets by vacuuming. But, it is more hi-tech and time-efficient in terms of technology.

How often do I need to make my rug professionally cleaned?

There can be many variations in the answer based on certain factors like level of dirt, extent of stains and whether the carpet is heavily used. If it is the case of heavy footsteps,It is advisable to go for frequent rug cleaning. But in general case, rug should be cleaned once or twice a year.

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